Interview with Samantha Fox

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Interview with Samantha Fox

Post by RoadRunner on Sun Mar 08, 2015 9:02 pm

Samantha: Hard balls driving today, eh?

Tarek: You can say that. Yes Very Happy

Samantha: We saw an aggressive drive from you

Tarek: Well. It was all about strategy today. I knew Marcos will be hard to catch in dry conditions, but wet conditions could be a game changer. And it was. My first stint was horrible. My options died on me in lap 6 and I struggled till my first pitstop in Lap 14. My second stint was the opposite. We extended the second stint 2 laps to see how conditions will change. Then news came to me on the Radio that rain expected in 8 laps. I immediately did my second pitstop and was catching Adam 1 second a lap. he did a very long stint on primes and on Mix 1

Samantha: but you were on fresher option tyres. You seemed slow

Tarek: No I was not. My pace was excellent, yet Adam had an advantage under his belt. Even with Mix0 I could not have caught him. In wets he was 2-3 seconds faster. As for Marcos, me catching him shows I had the strategy, setup and pace. In any case, a second place podium finish in a circuit I do not favor is an excellent finish, especially infront of Marcos. This means a lot in the championship this early.

Samantha: Next round in Bahrain. What are your likings to get a win there?

Tarek: Our target for the away races is to get as many points as possible knowing our package is not as competitive. So far so good. Bahrain is a nice venue yet I have bad memories there. I do not hope for a repeat of that. Again maximum points is our target. A win would be cherry on top of the cake Smile .. something you like, eh?

Samantha: hehehehehe .. yea sure. Who doesn't Razz

Tarek: I hope I get it to share with you Very Happy


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