Interview with Tanja Bauer

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Interview with Tanja Bauer

Post by weelo on Mon Mar 09, 2015 7:21 am

Tanja: 7th in Australia, 7th in Malaysia...seems nothing got better
Weelo: Well Tanja, am not sure which race you watched but it seems for me not the race today.

Tanja: you seem much disappointed
Weelo: no not at all, race start was not bad, but I got stuck on the inside in turn 1, so I had to pull back and I lost 2 - 3 places..after turn 3 I fell back to 13th place... But I was able to fight back till 4 th place...
but to make it short under dry conditions the car was top, wet conditions flop.If it has stayed dry, I guess we had good chances to get on the podium.. the car was fantastic both grip level and fuel consumption.. its a good sign for next races.

Tanja: so next race you will be 6?
Weelo: I don't give predictions..we only give our best. and we will se which position we are going to conquer. Bahrain is not the track I prefer... I never had good memories there...but the chance we r going to have a dry race is very high..we consider next race more like testing new car updates before we move back to european tracks.

Tanja: The stewards are investigating the car of Adam, rumors say williams adapted an illegal Traction control system
Weelo: We do not comment issues concerning other teams, but fact is Adams car was around 2 secs quicker than the rest of the it seems he can walk on water congrats!

Tanja: ok good luck
Weelo: thank you!


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