The seven deadly sins

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The seven deadly sins

Post by Yuls28 on Mon Mar 09, 2015 9:25 am

Lust. This cardinal sin is regarded as a sin that occurs by having excessive sexual thoughts and uncontrollable sexual desire. Thus, lust is considered a sex addiction or sexual compulsion. For the Church, be lustful sex involves distorting using it for other purposes than reproductive.

In my case with Viki Odinctcova ;-)
Gluttony. It is the cardinal sin that is identified with the excessive consumption of food and drink. Furthermore, it is also identified with the excesses of any kind that are made of irrational and unnecessary, such as may be some substances abuse or alcoholism.

In my case last week in Australia ;-)

Greed. It is another deadly sin referred to excess but in this case refers only to the acquisition of wealth and material things. When a person is extremely greedy, eager, above all, to acquire wealth for their own benefit and, of course, is not in their plans to share with anyone.

I think this sin fulfill default and not by excess.

Laziness. It is the capital sin that creates sorrow of mind. A negative attitude to the duties of man, especially all that have to do with spiritual, such as exercises of piety and religious obligations. It also refers to the inability to feel the man to accept and take charge of their own existence.

Yesterday I had no mercy to Adam and hence until half past three in the morning can not sleep. :-S

Anger. is defined as a feeling uncontrolled hatred and anger. we can say that a person commits sin capital of the anger when adopts a denial vehement of the truth, as well as when houses desires of revenge. In addition, at present, also is considered anger when a person is intolerant to other, either as to race( black, white, etc....) or religion.

Again what I made with Adam. :-/

Envy. This is the sixth deadly sin that makes people have a desire to get things that have third parties. This envy can lead to greed and the desire of evil neighbor.

This sin was yesterday led me to make the comment yesterday about the dubious victory Adam, I wanted to have been the winner of the race. Sorry, I apologize and forgive myself.

Pride. One of the most important and most serious deadly sins. This sin everyone else would, in the moral teachings of the Church. It is characterized by the desire and conviction to be bigger and better than others, adopting extreme self confidence that leads to vanity.

"fucking spaniards" :-P


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Re: The seven deadly sins

Post by weelo on Mon Mar 09, 2015 9:32 am

Julian please share with us what type of drinks and drugs are you consuming nowdays Very Happy are not supposed to drink trequilla or mojito before you go to bed!


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Re: The seven deadly sins

Post by RoadRunner on Mon Mar 09, 2015 9:34 am

Marijuana got legalized in US and Europe. So consuming some is like consuming a cup of water before sleeping Very Happy


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Re: The seven deadly sins

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