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Redbulls on top

Post by bilbobaggins on Sun Mar 22, 2015 10:07 pm

Redbulls drivers Jamie and Dave are delighted with the result of today's race. They practiced hard for the last 3 GPs and the results are finally coming through, 2nd and 4th, not a 1/2 but there's a long way to go still. The pair have been working close with there engineers and each other to make sure both cars score maximum points. Bilbo was caught after the race saying " great result today both cars home with good points to push us up on the constructors as contenders" Jamie seemed happy with Daves commitment as there was very tight tension durning the week that the lion keeno could be leaving the team.

The redbull boss was beaming with delight at the result his drivers had come up with today, but when we caught up with him these was his words " Good result today but there's more work to do, the drivers look great but there is still some aero problems that we want to get on top of " this was a man that was happy but wants more and who can blame him with his drivers being on form like today.

Redbulls keeno was passing through and we managed to get a quick rare couple liines from him " bilbo is an ex champ if your going to get better you can only learn from the best" very short but very rare chat from the redbull driver who has been with them for the last year.

The one thing that's on everyone's minds, is there reason for teams to worry, this redbull team is looking strong and scoring points like this is damaging to others around them. Time will tell but if I had to put money on a team.... I think I would wait.


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