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Post by Yuls28 on Sun Mar 22, 2015 11:12 pm

Nothing seemed that i could get a really good compromise between grip and velocity furthermore obtain a podium like this with the two World Champions of and F1WOC hence this podium with Marcos and Jamie have a invaluable to me.

Marcos i met this season and showed to me be more than a human being and i want to thank all who have helped me in these three races that all of we had played and also to Jamie in the same way , whilst he not are agree or have not the same point of view in sometimes.

Due to a too many efforts for get a really good car for reach a result today has a lot of work background, too many people have collaborated in this and i want to give thanks to all of them. THANK YOU

As soon as I realize what I just got, I will try to continue in this line of work because it is "easy" to get but how difficult is to stay at this level.

How many hours and days I had inverted in try to understand how to be faster? and finally came!!!

I'm in a blue dream ever imagined... but could be better? I want to believe thats is possible , and gain other podium in another step of the podium, second or first place!

Why not... dream is the power and it's free!!! :-D

Last friday evening, talking with the people who works in Toro Rosso said to me that i'm nuts, " only two pit stops...!!! " but i showed today that it was possible. And in addiction not only done one time... Tarek it's my witness on sunday morning.

Realizing a hunch is something that fills me with pride and satisfaction, some say that this kind of people who follow their hunches are often wrong but experience has shown me countless times that it is not and I'm on the right track.

I want to conclude by saying that all this would not have been possible or can not be for you and your help, THANKS TO ALL PARTICIPANTS F1E.C, V1EC.IT And F1WOC. Without your reviews and ratings would not have been possible today what I have achieved and I will have the opportunity to remember all my life.

Receive a big hug and thank you again, see you at the race tracks !!! B-)


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