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Post by Yuls28 on Sun Mar 01, 2015 7:42 pm

Hi all and good night, here the summary of my participation in the first career of the season.

I could not start with best luck, first to the classification to the output of the pit floor white line inadvertently as was changed the distribution of braking and I am punished with ten positions.

But there is not all, there are still more.... if itself is possible in the start of the race, a hurry braking and shock and spin included.... in order... I put mode comeback and back after back I ascending positions, when comes the provisions... begins to rain.... I do not goes wrong while falls a slight rain, I have a few battles with some pilots, the most battle I arises Adam, until get overtake, after the tire change and back to the track continuous in order, follow up positions, and I am in position 7 and waiting for to stop rain.

I return to commit the same error enter before time, two laps before.... and from there to the unfortunate end.... the game is hung on error by server.... a career more than experience gained and with the eye in the following career, to be going to do, sorry much by the team and my partner to which I could not give them a result that by the effort deserved.


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