Interview with Christina Surer

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Interview with Christina Surer

Post by weelo on Mon Mar 23, 2015 5:34 am

Weelo, 2nd bad race in a row, are you getting old?
well yes..but it has nothing to say about our speed or pace.. I didn't forget how to drive.

Well, you was almost 2 secs per lap slower than the rest of the world
hmm, yes its true..I have no explanaition for this...during the week tests we were very confident about the speed..I really don't know what happened and were the speed is gone, if you take a look to our longruns you understand what am I talking about. Its somehow frustrating.

Ur race was destroyed already in qualifying
well, I cannot remember when we had such a bad quali..but this one will go as the worst in my driver history..I lost the car on the back straight and broke my front wing...but to be honest maybe it was better to destroy your race by yourself rather than be destroyed by someone else

I think you are refering to the start carambolage?
exactly, 4th race this season and again we are still observing start crashes...Its a shame

Whats the solution in your opinnion?
very easy,...just wait and leave more space..the crashes are caused so far from drivers having the controversal Launch, steering and braking control which are providing them an advantage at least in the early stages of the race.. In our opinnion for teams and drivers without those systems feel as if fighting against wind mills...

are we going to see you this season on the podium?
please don't make me laugh... In our current situation and considering the circumstances we would be more than happy to finish under the top 6.... we will keep some time life will reward your efforts

next race in spain, expectations?
at the moment we have low expectations..but in every race we push like hell..we will see the outcome


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