Interview with Jackie Stewart

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Interview with Jackie Stewart

Post by RoadRunner on Sun Apr 26, 2015 7:31 pm

Jackie: A really exciting race. Fights all over!! Hard fought second position

Tarek: Yea. A race wide open. Look at the quali result. first 5 drives within two tenths. Amazing! Congrats to Jake for a well deserved pole. It is a pity weekend did not end for him with a win. Jamie gave him hard time. I have to say, Tim really gave me a real run for my money - less than a second for 12 laps. Good job for him also. He and his team mate first clean race Very Happy .. they showed what they are capable off!!

Jackie: Seems like Jamie is still best on Wets

Tarek: So far yes. We have closed the gap a bit yet we need to work on our wet setups. We expected light rain thus we had our cars setup for intermediate conditions. Luckily for me it worked, my team mate had hard time fighting his car

Jackie: Second half of the race was even more exciting

Tarek: Without a doubt! Jamie pitted for full wets 2 laps earlier. I decided to stay outside as inters were working beautifully. On full wets, we fought for grip. Jamie was gaining on me each lap and built a gap of 8-9 seconds. Then suddenly I saw him loosing 2-3 seconds a lap .. I knew he was fighting Jake who was also struggling. I started pushing and caught them up

Jackie: Must have been tough behind Jake

Tarek: Yea. His grip level in corners was not good, you can see him dancing tango in each turn, yet his traction was incredible. I had to wait for a mistake to get him. I almost got him at turn 1 in lap 62 I think. He fought back. Then I got him back same turn with 2 laps to go. Tim caught us also. I had to manage my braking and keep looking in the mirror. Very hard in these conditions.

Jackie: How do you see this championship going?

Tarek: I said it before. Anything can happen. Today Marcos had a bad day. Jamie is now leading the championship. 13 races to go. Really happy to be in this fight. Jake and Tim showed what they are capable of. I am praying my team mate finds himself again before it is too late!!

Jackie: Your thoughts for Austria

Tarek: Will fight hard for a win!!

Jackie: Good luck


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Re: Interview with Jackie Stewart

Post by bilbobaggins on Sun Apr 26, 2015 9:24 pm

Jamie : hey jackie. When your done with him do you want to interview a real driver ?

Jackie : um sorry tarek. Yes bilbo I would love to get an interview with ANOUTHER driver.


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