Interview with David Croft

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Interview with David Croft

Post by RoadRunner on Sun May 03, 2015 8:06 pm

David: Seems like winning is still out of reach

Tarek: Sadly yes. First congrats to Marcos on his 3rd win and Tim for a well deserved second place. Today result totally goes to my mistakes .. first I slept at the start, very slow. Then that crash at turn 1, Marcin's williams forgot to brake clearly looking at the onboards. The that crash with Umberto's Toro Rosso at turn 4 or 5 then the orgy at the last turn. All those toasted my first set of wheels. I struggled with grip. Decision then came to go to plan B. Pitted lap 16 instead of 14 and went for a super soft set to try and catch Walter. It paid off and I managed gain 20 seconds in 10 laps. Not sure if Walter faced an incident infront, but I was pushing the car like hell

David: You were flying after your first pitstop!!

Tarek: Well, I got everything out of the car. Car was amazing. it is a shame not to win today, goal was to

David: A nice fight with Walter. Very close

Tarek: Yea. "The Italian Stallion" was not an easy bate. I was catching him fast but overtaking him was no picnic!! I managed to overtake him with strategy, yet a silly mistake of me meant a drive through which put me behind him again. I again was forced to push to catch with 12 laps to go. It was fun towards the end

David: Silverstone next race, what are your odds of winning there?

Tarek: Will be very hard. Tim seems to have regained his last season good results sequence. Jamie and Jake are no picnic especially it is there home grand prix. Marcos .. what can I say about him Sad!! We are pushing as hard as we can and we will try to give the others a hard run for their money!!

David: We are hearings lots of rumors about your team mate. His frustration has reached climax. We can feel that from his team radio!

Tarek: I am very sad for my team mate. He is a solid and fast driver. For some reason he is unable to cope with this years car, in addition to his power steering issue

David: Early retirement!?

Tarek: I surely hope not. We will see what happens after our team debrief meeting tomorrow.

David: We echo your hopes, it would be a sad thing to see him leave

Tarek: Tell me about it!!


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Re: Interview with David Croft

Post by Marcosf1 on Mon May 04, 2015 12:53 pm

Ola a todos um muito obrigado a todos ! Depois do pesadelo no canada tínhamos de dar uma boa resposta este fim de semana como equipa estávamos unidos e determinados para conseguir um pódio mas acabamos por vencer a corrida conseguindo também a pole e a volta mais rápida podemos dizer que foi um fim de semana perfeito para a McLaren estou muito feliz  Very Happy grande luta com tim sempre limpos e justos um com o outro mas com estratégias diferentes sabia que tinha a corrida na mao só não podia errar com pneus duros e manter o meu ritmo atrás de tim e tudo ia correr bem só precisei de gerir meus pneus gasolina pena para tarek ter ficado para tras teria sido uma corrida mais disposta da na frente mas as corridas são assim pode haver emprevistos coisas que não conseguimos controlar boa quali boa corrida esperemos estar a um bom nível em englaterra assim esperemos a todos os mecânicos engenheiros um muito obrigado pelo carro espetacular que me deram este fim de semana obrigado a todos


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