Jean Alesi interviews Umberto

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Jean Alesi interviews Umberto

Post by umbertolinko on Sun Mar 01, 2015 9:00 pm

Jean: 0,300 from the Poleposition, finally it looks like this year you'll fight for the qualy too?

Umberto: Well, I was under the pole in the first and the second sector in the last seconds of the qualy, I was really hoping in the first row... but then... we were all there, many drivers in really few tenths, and I got just a 5th place. It was a bad surprise :/

Jean: tell us about the start and the first lap

Umberto: I was far from races since Montecarlo-Season2, I just wanted to stay far from troubles, and I did it. All drivers were very gritty, but never unfair. At the end of first lap I was 8th. Then I started my long comeback.

Jean: what's happened with Partyka?

Umberto: I saw him out of the track, then he was coming back in, and I had no space to avoid him. It was a hard hit, but for luck my car was not broken. I don't know what happened to him, but was really impossible for me to avoid him in that point of the track, in the middle of the fastest chicane.

Jean: what about the long battle with Jamie?

Umberto: we had a different strategy, but we met each other many times during the race. We were constantly 1,5 sec. far from each other, swapping our positions for 2 o 3 times. In the last part of the race he made a long stint with hard tyres, while I decided for two stints on soft tyres. After my pitstop he had around 20 seconds on me. Of course I was faster than him, almost 2 seconds faster each lap, and when I finally reached him, he decided to retire right before been overtaken. Well, I have to admit that it's really sad to see an ex-champ doing such things. It's a shame for the world of racing. The big star is still falling and falling. My congratulations for real stars: Marcos, Tarek and Walter.

Jean: yeah it's true, Bilbo is a real shame for this sport... but let's change topic; in Sepang you'll try to get the podium?

Umberto: I love that circuit, I will do my best, hoping to be finally lucky in that race. In Season1 Unbekannt destroyed my race, and in Season2 Manuel did it. If nobody will do it again, I can can try to get the podium.


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Re: Jean Alesi interviews Umberto

Post by bilbobaggins on Mon Mar 02, 2015 9:09 am

Bilbo sees Umberto in his silly teams garage "oi Umberto nice driving good battle, but what u got to say about the ex champ comment. Maybe you should worry about what your going to do in the next 18 races to be able to even see me again. I might put a sign on the back of my car just for you as I lap you saying "SEE YA "


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