Interview with Kai Ebel

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Interview with Kai Ebel

Post by weelo on Mon Mar 02, 2015 7:05 am

Kai: Weelo, new season openning same problems as usual, how was your weekend?

Weelo: In quali we suffered a lack of grip in the first run, second run was much better, my last flying lap seemed to be ok, unfortunately I couldn't bring it to the finish line because some other drivers on their inlap was driving too slow costing us a better position.

Kai: well mentioning a better position, do you think it would have been better to start some places infront to avoid turn 1 clashes?

Weelo: well turn 1 Melbourne, again I had a collision... I was on my way to take turn 2, suddenly I found myself in a sandwich causing me a spin and the loss of time.

kai: Did this incident ruin your race?
Weelo: Well, to make it short we are lacking speed. So with or without this incident my position wouldn"t have been pace was matching that of a turtle.

Kai: So expectations for the rest of the season?
Weelo: I guess our pace will be better, it can get any we can look forward. But to be honest, Marcos Tarek Walter and Tim are the Drivers who will be fighting for the drivers championship. Roberto looked to be fast...we need to await some races to proof his consistency. I hope I will find to myself soon to help the team in the fight for the constructers champioship.

Kai:it sounds like an early resignation?
Weelo: no more like close to reality, I need time to get used to the car, finding a setup which suits my driving style is really hard because the margin in which the car functions is really need to find it out, till then its gonna be mid my target is to get Ferrari back to the top spot in the constructors championship.


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