Interview trackside with Damon hill

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Interview trackside with Damon hill

Post by bilbobaggins on Sun Mar 22, 2015 11:00 pm

Damon: hi Jamie how you feeling ?

Jamie : hi Damon good did you enjoy that race ?

Damon : very enjoyable. Explain the quail what was going on in your head at the time.?

Jamie : well Damon what can I say the setup wasn't what I wanted it was a mistake, a good setup but not the one I was suppose to race with knowing the other setup was 800 tenths quicker but I can laught about it. Except that the car felt good with the practise setup and when I got over it I put a good lap in, small mistake coming into the second sector a little late on the brakes and missed the apex. Taking nothing away from tarek great lap and deserved pole.

Damon : tarek and you side by side front row on the grid it was like history repeating itself. As the lights went down what was on your mind?

Jamie : knowing tarek and are history I knew I had nothing to worry about into the first corner, through practice I have been practising starts because it's not a cormer you want to go into side by side with someone. My plan was to hug the apex and try to get infront, as you saw tarek had the right idear cut me off early from the apex but I was just that little but quicker off the mark. Got into the first corner hugged the apex and made sure it stuck till the run down to the second sector.

Damon: tarek dropped of quick and looked under pressure, but then a new rival this year Marcos was hunting you down. What was your feelings about him behind.??

Jamie: I was gutted when he got past tarek I was hoping he was going to get held up, reason being the setup I had was what I had against Marcos in practice and 14 seconds was the difference. This is why I had anouther setup that was 800tenths quicker lol,, so all I could do was push and I was very surprised.

Damon : why was you surprised ?

Jamie : well Marcos didn't catch me, I was expecting to see him around 8 laps in but it didn't come we matched each other for pace and the gap stay around 3 seconds /4. Then we went onto the Hards and he was still not really taking time out of me. He finally did it but undercutting me and with traffic and back markers he managed to take time from me.

Damon : what are your thoughts about Marcos. ?

Jamie : oh respect for Marcos a lot, he reminds me of myself, his pace is as good as mine but I don't think he's quicker and me not quicker than him, to me it's who is best on the day. I like wheel to wheel battles with him also as he is very skilled. Congratulations to him today and his team.

Damon: ok so your team mate keeno wow, you have beleaved in him since your start together in V1ec and now we can see why.

Jamie : Dave is fast he always has been but with problems concerning setup or wheel problems, these things can be stressful and very tormenting on a driver. The last thing you want is to be going into races not a 100% happy and Dave has now this season been going into races happy and confident. He has great skills and can be a great driver, his driving style is very different to mine so we have to work on setups that suit me and him but he's able to take a bit more control of his own setups now he had good feeling with the car, this is why you are seeing the keeno I knew was there.

Damon: great results for redbull today congratulations and well done.


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